HYBRID a combination of satellite and land connectivity that provide perfect synchronisation


3rd Inmarsat Global Xpress satellite successfully launched

Friday, 28th August, Kazakhstan

After five tumultuous years, Inmarsat can finally celebrate the successful launch of the third satellite in its Global Xpress constellation after the spacecraft was sent safely into orbit on the 28th August from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan – paving the way for the introduction of global service on the network later this year.

The launch marks the culmination of a project first announced in the summer of 2010 when Inmarsat confirmed that it had placed an order with Boeing for three Ka-band satellites, signalling its intention to move into the construction of a VSAT network for the first time.....


e3 Systems Launch The Ultimate Communications Solution HYBRID at the Monaco Yacht Show

Wednesday 13th August, 2015, Mallorca

e3 Systems, one of the world’s leading multi-broadband communications providers for the super yacht industry, will launch at the Monaco Yacht Show HYBRID: the ultimate communications solution. HYBRID provides super yachts with 100% connectivity, combining satellite, 3G, 4G and terrestrial broadband services, thus ensuring the fastest possible service at the lowest possible rate, whether in port, offshore or mid-ocean.....

Launch of our Single SIM with Europe Wide Data Roaming!

Wednesday 1st July, 2015, Mallorca

No need to wait until 15th June 2017, Europe Wide Data Roaming is available today! 

Following hot on the heels of our news yesterday that the European Union will take another two years before roaming charges will end on 15th June 2017 we are pleased to announce the launch of our Single SIM with Europe Wide Data Roaming which is available today!

Covering 11 European countries including the Med and northern Europe with a selection of monthly allowances that exceed 100GB using 1 SIM, 1 APN and on 1 Contract.....